Follow the Money – a datavisualization report

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The conference Follow the Money took place on January 14, 2010 in De Balie in Amsterdam. New media professional and MA student at the UvA Margarida Fonseca chose to visualize this event on datavisualization:

When I went to Picnic this year here in Amsterdam, they had a huge screen showing all the tweets people were posting about the conference and one presenter even mentioned something like: “Wow, there is a lot of conversation going on about Picnic over the Internet, even more that it’s actually going here”. That got me curious and prompt me to follow “Follow the money” conference from another angle, the angle of who’s watching and that has obviously something to say. The attendee becomes also a broadcaster.

Margarida Fonseca is currently a Project Manager working mostly on Web related projects: websites, intranets, web advertising and usability projects at a Portuguese Telecom Company. This year, she decided to take a year off work to learn new approaches and to gain insights, and that’s why she moved to Amsterdam to study new media at the UvA. Recently, Margarida became more and more interested in information visualization.

Download Margarida’s report (as a PDF) that doubles as a datavisualization of the Follow the Money event (on Datavisualisation).

Also, read a short summary of the conference by CPOV research intern Juliana Brunello.

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