Celebrating 5 years of YouTube with the ‘YouTube Canon’

Celebrating 5 years of YouTube, the city theater of Amsterdam and Upload Cinema presented the YouTube Canon, compiled by new media professionals (including the INC). The shows on February 22 and 23, 2010 were sold out entirely. After enjoying YouTube classics for two hours, the audience itself was subject of a YouTube video. One thousand people sang the Numa Numa song. Here’s a world record to beat!

The event received a lot of media attention.
A selection:

Upload Cinema is an Amsterdam based film club that brings the best of the web to the big screen. Every first Monday of the month we present a fresh program of inspiring and entertaining Internet shorts. Each month theres a new theme. The audience can submit films via our website; an editorial team selects the best and compiles a ninety minutes program, which is screened at film theatres and special venues.

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