Hot100 2011 at PICNIC

For the fifth time, Virtueel Platform hosted the HOT100 sessions at the PICNIC Festival 2011 (14-16 Sept).  HOT100 is a full day of lectures, masterclasses, workshops and networking opportunities for the most talented alumni from e-culture programs across the Netherlands. During this workshop INC and Publisher Valiz were one of the caseholders to bring up a strategic question to be answered by the HOT100’s. This question directly comes out of the research initiative: Out of Ink, Future Publishing Industries.

“What does the future hold for the Digital Publishing Industries?”

Watch here the videoreport of the inspiring afternoon.


about the event: The HOT100 is Virtueel Platform’s special talent program for new graduates in e-culture curricula. E-culture includes the fairly recent disciplines of interaction design, game design, media and electronic arts, and social media communication in parallel with digitally informed processes and artefacts from older cultural disciplines such as architecture, film and performing arts.

HOT100 during PICNIC brings together and highlights the most promising 2011 graduates from Dutch art academies, universities and universities of applied science in the fields of design, arts, theory, communication or development skills.

HOT100 also connects this upcoming generation with more established organisations and institutions that undertake interesting work in the field of e-culture. In the afternoon seven strategic questions and issues will be presented to the HOT100 by the VPRO, the Amsterdam Public Library (OBA), the Boijmans van Beuningen Museum, Dropstuff with NIMk and Hermen Maat, the Institute of Network Cultures with publisher Valiz, NOSop3 and Virtueel Platform itself. These questions serve as case studies in seven pressure cooker workshops that should lead to design solutions or input for new operational directions for the questioners. Later in the year all these organisations will invite the HOT100 graduates to visit to their workplaces and see what has happened with their input.

credits: Moderator: Joep Kuijper. Caseholders: Publisher Valiz, Pia Pol and INC. Camera and editing: Versch Vet, Anke Noorman. Camera: Silvio Lorusso. Virtueel Platform, Merel Willemsen and Klaas Kuitenbrouwer.

special thanks: René Bosch | self employed artist and photographer |
Vera van der Lubbe | gamer and loves to sing
Inge Maassen | freelance web & graphic designer, usability |
Inge Nahuis | communication and multimedia designer |
Jeroen Peeters | interdisciplinary designer |
Anja Schenkels | creative internet and multimedia expert who loves to write
Billy Schonenberg | design is storytelling |
Stefan Terwijn | developing interactive children’s books |
Daniel van der Zeeuw (A.K.A. Varvaras) | Conspiracy theorist and para politician  |

Download here the HOT100 program booklet.

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