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We all gave up MySpace long ago, but now that they issue a new design, the question arises: Is MySpace the new Facebook?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation takes A Deep Dive into Facebook and Datalogix: What’s Actually Getting Shared and How You Can Opt Out.

‘So what is Facebook doing? It is asking the denizens of Facebook to essentially narc out any “friends” who are using a fake name.’ Big Brother Facebook Wants You To Rat Out Your Friends

The Kernel has no doubts: It’s time to quit Facebook

Peter Gunn at the Huffington Post: Time To Socialize Social Media

When was the last time a show made your browser (crash) laugh? Check

In the Street Ghosts project Paolo Cirio exposes the bodies of people captured by Google’s Street View cameras, marked in Street Art fashion at the precise spot in the real world where they were photographed.

What is Tent? Tent is a new protocol for open, distributed social networking. is the easiest way to start using Tent hosts a Tent server for you comes with a free status app

In Dutch on frnkfrt: Retromania als levenshouding – sprekers op Incubate DIY Conference leven in het verleden. Over Simon Reynolds, Mark Fisher en Robert Levine: ‘is dit écht 2012?’