Sad by Design: Podcast Dialogue between Douglas Rushkoff (Team Human) and Geert Lovink

From: (published on December 12, 2018 by Douglas Rushkoff).

Playing for Team Human today: media activist and scholar Geert Lovink. Geert will be helping us see how an understanding of the political economy is not enough. We have to reacquaint ourselves with the experiential layer of our humanity and even reclaim our sadness to counter the stultifying effects of platform capitalism. Today, when our sources of information are intimately intertwined with our social lives, it’s not as simple as just “going offline.” How can we overcome the anti-human agendas embedded in our technology?

Today’s show reaches back to the origins of what became known as “tactical media” — using interactive media to promote the human agenda. Geert makes the case for reawakening this sensibility. You can learn more about Geert at and discover his forthcoming book Sad By Design: On Platform Nihilism.

Listen to the podcast on i-Tunes or download the mp3 from the INC website here.