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Matches in: Institute of Network Cultures

We get into an Uber car, and the driver passes by the Kremlin walls, guided by GPS. At the end of the ride, the bill turns out to be three times as expensive than usual. What is the matter? We check the route, and the screen shows that we travelled to an airport outside of... (Read more)

Matches in: MoneyLab

Order or download your free copy of the MoneyLab Reader 2: Overcoming the Hype

About the book: MoneyLab is a network of artists, activists, and geeks experimenting with forms of financial democratization. Entering the 10th year of the global financial crisis, it still remains a difficult yet crucial task to distinguish old wine from its... (Read more)

By Anastasia Kubrak

Before introducing the speakers, Nathaniel Tkacz – professor of Warwick University-  outlined three points currently shaping the discourse on monetary surveillance: financial data, payment interfaces and platform sovereignty. Financial data, or what Tkacz called  “ the perverse rise of surveillance as a service”, is actively re-entering our daily payments and financial  transactions.... (Read more)

By Anissa Jousset & Anastasia Kubrak

Femke Herregraven’s work draws its inspiration from the domains of geopolitics and global finance. During her time as an artist in residence in the Amsterdam financial district, she discovered that her neighbors were mainly ghost mailbox companies, registered in Netherlands as a part of tax evasion mechanism. Carrying abstract... (Read more)

By Karina Zavidova & Anastasia Kubrak

DullTech™ is a hardware startup, dedicated to once and for all solve frustrations that contemporary artists encounter using technology. Mo more stress or drama in making a video installation for an exhibition or an art-fair; no more remote controls or expensive AVI professionals to hire. DullTech™ media player effortlessly loops... (Read more)

By Anastasia Kubrak

Jip & Florian de Ridder are young entrepreneurs, determined to disrupt current economic system with their new decentralized peer-to-peer insurance model called CommonEasy.

While studying economics, Jip discovered that 80% of young self-employed in the Netherlands simply couldn’t afford an illness and income disability insurance. Meanwhile, commercial insurance companies take up to a... (Read more)

Bringing the Dark Side of Money to Light
By Anastasia Kubrak

“What we do is simple: we follow money”

Paul Radu is an investigative reporter and the executive director of the The Organized Crime... (Read more)

Flows of capital. Evaporation. Frozen markets. Dark pools.

The implication of liquid, ungraspable condition of finance is already contained within language metaphors, widely used to describe financial markets. Speculating on the idea of economy as immaterial, abstract matter, financial experts insinuate that global economical processes are too complex to be tackled by non-expert audience, and... (Read more)