Save the Date: MoneyLab in London on 20 January 2018

A day-long programme of workshops, discussions and experimentation exploring the relationship between financial technologies, artistic practice and contemporary culture.

Brett Scott (The Heretic’s Guide To Global Finance), Ruth Catlow (Furtherfield), Geert Lovink (Institute of Network Cultures), Demystification Commitee plus more TBA.

MoneyLab is a programme of critical research exploring the connections between contemporary art, financial activism and digital culture. Previously organised by the Amsterdam-based Institute of Network Cultures, this fourth edition of MoneyLab brings together artists, designers and researchers investigating and imagining the critical potential after money. Panels, talks, screenings and workshops will inspect the borderlands between critical art-making, decentralised financial technologies, collective organisation, and civil disobedience. Sessions will explore data monetization, digital labour unions, artist run tax-havens, co-operative crypto-currencies and decentralised technology as an open source distribution model.

Full programme to be announced shortly.

This event is co-curated by Somerset House Studios, the Institute of Network Cultures, and Anglia Ruskin University.