Internship position available

The Institute of Network Cultures is looking for an intern with writing, research and production skills, for the organisation of a MoneyLab-related event organized in collaboration with the City of Amsterdam.

Preferred internship period: March 1st until June 30th 2018 (0.6 – 0.8 fte).

MoneyLab is a network of researchers, artists, hackers and entrepreneurs and other creators that take up the call for critical and creative experiments with and interventions into alternative forms of exchange, ownership and the distribution of value. For this event, MoneyLab is joining forces with the City of Amsterdam to organized Flying Money, a conference on investigating illicit financial flows in the city.

The aim of the event is to bring together diverse experts on global developments in digital currencies and monetary flows in the context of cities. Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, the emergence of parallel banking systems and the decentralization of monetary transactions impact ideas about the future of money and the banking system, but they also expand the playing field for criminals. Many cities are increasingly confronted with suspicious investments in real estate, hotels, restaurants, clubs, and other businesses. This phenomenon is particularly urgent in global cities like Amsterdam, where many different monetary flows converge.

We are looking for an enthusiastic, energetic, inquisitive (former) student with knowledge of and a demonstrated interest in these topics.

Internship duties vary but include:

Research & Writing tasks:
• Write (literature reviews) on subjects related to the Flying Money project
• attend project related events
• collect interesting and relevant literature
• identify possible partners, speakers, artists and related projects
• assist the program committee with writing the program
• write contributions for the project blog
• Update the project website

Production and communication tasks:
• logistical support, partner identification; liaison with partners and speakers
• Assisting INC staff with project- and event-related pre-production and development support (ie location, accommodation and catering scouting)
• targeted promotion activities

Other tasks include:
• assist with general office operations
• attend meetings
• work as part of the organizational team

As the INC has an international scope, active English skills are required, in speaking and writing. In addition, you have strong writing and communication skills, and experience with social media management and web administration. You balance a desire to learn, take initiative and suggest better practices and take constructive feedback.

Monthly compensation €320 (0,6 fte) / € 400 (0,8 fte)

For further information you can contact Inte Gloerich: inte [at] networkcultures [dot] org or check our website.

Applications: if you are interested please send your resume and cover letter to inte [at] networkcultures [dot] org by February 25th 2018.