Crowdfunding Reader #2

Help Make the Second MoneyLab Reader a Printed Reality!

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As discussions about universal basic income, blockchain, platform cooperativism, cryptocurrencies, peer2peer distribution and financial surveillance are seeping into mainstream media, it’s important to continue to analyze and evaluate their social and political origins and futures.

Since 2013, the Institute of Network Cultures has contributed to this ongoing and evolving discourse through the MoneyLab project with international symposia, online discussions, a toolkit and a reader.

Amid recent international developments, such as the global race among the world’s leading banks to turn blockchain into the infrastructure of the 21st century, the ongoing instability and precarity of the artist/entrepreneur, the rise of post-globalized sovereign populism, perpetual austerity cuts to state and government sectors or the slow-motion implosion of the EU and fast-tracked rightward shift of many of its countries, we feel that it’s time to produce a second MoneyLab reader.


          This time we’re asking for your help!


Original Image: Alexis Lewis, Atlas Robots, CC BY-SA 4.0 © David Carrero Romero ,

Geert Lovink briefing a board of executives at an affluent investment group.

Why does it have to be crowdfunded?

We have always made our content freely available in digital formats, and have printed our Network Notebook and Readers series so that they can travel the world. Our publications are used in universities around the world and we take great pleasure in receiving pictures of classrooms full of students using them. We are convinced that our publications contribute to the discourse around the future of money and finance. By distribution crucial critical reflections MoneyLab facilitates an ongoing exploration of money that is not dominated by the banks.

The whole process of researching, writing, editing, designing, producing and printing a publication like this requires €20.000. About one-fourth of that is spent on printing 2000 copies of the reader, an amount we are currently unable to raise through our usual funds. Even the INC cannot escape budget cuts: we need your donations to make it happen!

How much is needed?

The first-ever INC crowdfunding bid will aim to reach €5000 before 22 December 2016. You can get involved by donating whatever you can spare below or through our Eventbrite page!


Like any crowdfunding campaign, you’ll be rewarded for your donation:

Any donation – if you add your address to your donation, we will send you a copy of the second MoneyLab reader as soon as it comes out. This will be around December of 2017.

€20 or more – You will be mentioned by name in a blog post on the INC website thanking the donors and receive a thank you in the post as well (if you add your address to your donation).

€50 or more – Your copy of the second MoneyLab reader will be signed by Geert Lovink.

€75 or more – You will be mentioned by name in the reader: “This publication was made possible by contributions from …, …, …”.

€100 or more – You will be invited to contribute your ideas about the direction and topics the reader should cover.

€250 or more – You will have the possibility to meet with Geert Lovink (possibly via Skype) in order to have a discussion on the topic of your choice.

 Update Wednesday 21 December: €1729,-

Deadline: 22 December 2016


Thank you!

You support helps us to keep breaking new ground and probing alternative economic strategies and technologies that contribute to democratizing our financial futures and the formulation of concrete approaches towards substantial change.

MoneyLab previously featured contributions by include Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi, Brett ScottDmytri KleinerDouglas RushkoffDullTechFutherfieldFiber FestivalLana SwartzPaolo CirioPrimavera De Filippi, Robin Hood Co-opSaskia Sassen & Tiziana Terranova. The MoneyLab network has encouraged and showcased many initiatives over the years, including Kunst Reserve BankNoppesPeerbyNext NatureTimeBank CCAscribethe Aaron Burr Society and CommonEasy.








Collage Photo Credits:

Background image: Board room, © Alexis Lewis, CC BY 2.0

Robots: Atlas from Boston Dynamics,© David Carrero Romero , CC BY-SA 4.0