Geert Lovink
Geert Lovink is a media theorist, internet critic and author of Zero Comments (2007), Networks Without a Cause (2012) and Social Media Abyss (2016). Since 2004 he is researcher in the School for Communication and Media Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) where he is the director of the Institute of Network Cultures. His centre recently organized conferences, publications and research networks such as Video Vortex (the politics and aesthetics of online video), Unlike Us (alternatives in social media), Critical Point of View (Wikipedia), Society of the Query (the culture of search), MoneyLab (bitcoins, crowdfunding & internet revenue models) and a project on the future of art criticism. From 2004-2012 he was also associate prof. at Mediastudies (MA new media program), University of Amsterdam. Since 2009 he is professor at the European Graduate School (Saas-Fee) where he supervises PhD students. Email: geert[at]xs4all[dot]nl.

Alberto Micali
Dr. Alberto Micali is associate lecturer at the School of Film and Media of the University of Lincoln (UK), where he lectures on hacking, digital activism and non-representational approaches in media studies. His research transversally moves between media theory, cultural studies and political philosophy with a key interest in the ‘ecosophical’ work of Félix Guattari, hacker cultures and the politics of digital dissent. His PhD dissertation explored the micropolitical dimensions of the contemporary forms of digital media interventionism, offering a non-representational comprehension of the hacktivism of Anonymous.

Ana Peraica
Ana Peraica is a researcher and lecturer in visual culture and media arts.  She is an author of Culture of the Selfie (Institute for Networked Cultures, Amsterdam, 2017) and Fotografija kao dokaz (Multimedijalni institut, Zagreb, 2017-in print). Besides, she is an editor of readers made after large exhibition projects, such as; Machine Philosopher (Jan Van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht, 1999), Žena na raskrižju ideologija (HULU, Split, 2007), Victims Symptom – PTSD and Culture (Institute for Networked Cultures, Amsterdam, 2009), Smuggling Anthologies (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts, Rijeka, 2015). Her essays published in cultural magazines as Springerin, Pavilion, Art and Education Papers, and readers by Afterimage, Loecker Verlaag, P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E, were compiled in Sub/versions (Revolver, Split / Berlin, 2009). Peraica is a book reviewer for Leonardo Reviews and a member of Leonardo’s workgroup Artist and Scientist in Times of War. She teaches Media Art Politics and Methodologies of Interpretation in Media Arts at programs of MA Media Art Histories and MA Media Art Cultures, a program by ERASMUS MUNDUS, by University of Danube in Krems, Lower Austria. In addition, she runs a small photo-atelier opened by her grandfather, in Split, Croatia.

Julia Preisker
Julia Preisker is a PhD student in Media Studies at the University of Vienna. Studies of Theatre, Film and Media Studies (BA, 2009 – 2012); Studies of Theatre, Film and Media History (MA, 2012 – 2015) both at the University of Vienna. Since summer term 2016 she is a lecturer at the Institute of Theatre, Film and Media Studies, University of Vienna. Since October 2016 she is employed at the Research Platform “Mobile Cultures and Societies”. In her PhD thesis she examines the socio-cultural condition of hate speech in the so called ›Social Media‹ through the particular case of the presidential election in Austria in 2016.

Daniel de Zeeuw
Daniël de Zeeuw is a philosopher and media artist/theorist based in the Netherlands. He currently works as a PhD researcher at the University of Amsterdam (ASCA), writing a dissertation on the politics and aesthetics of anonymity in contemporary media culture, art and activism. He is also co-editor of Krisis, Journal for Contemporary Philosophy and Affiliated Researcher at the Institute of Network Cultures (d.dezeeuw [at] uva [dot] nl).