Seeding the ground for counter culture or a court jester to the oligarchy?

I recently published a paper Noli turbare circulos meos: Don’t mess with my settings‘ in  Art+Media No. 8 AM Časopis za studije umetnosti i medija, broj 8, 2015 aka AM Journal of Art and Media Studies, Issue No. 8, 2015,  topic of issue: Postfeminism, Transfeminism and Feminist Subjectivities Beyond Identity Politics.
This is a discussion that outlines the distinguishing characteristics of feminist technology and questions the ways in which many fourth wave feminists relate (or resist) their fore-mothers. The
raison d’être put forth advocates that cyberfeminists must focus on the path of awareness over identity. Seeding the ground for counter culture not simply being a court jester to the oligarchy. The intention is not to propose a definitive interpretation, but to enable a constant shifting of positions, roles, pronouns, selves, discourses and fictions that continually intersect when engaged with feminist approaches and application of technology.
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