Nancy Mauro-Flude’s research explores how we articulate the resonances and dissonances between performing arts and computer science, within the context of the contemporary art. She has devised, curated and developed numerous experimental cross-disciplinary artworks, durational events, and pedagogical programmes that examine how networked systems, embodiment and emergent technologies manifest in contemporary culture, including, Waag Society: institute for art, science and technology, Museum of New and Old Art (MONA), Transmediale, What the Hack, Contemporary Art Tasmania, FILE, International Symposium on Electronic Art and the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. 
She has also given numerous workshops and master classes in hardware, software art and performance, planetary computing, creative hacking, networked art forms, counter-surveillance, commandline programming for artists, augmented reality, and UNIX/Linux worldwide. Nancy is an advocate of Free Software and is a supporter of, and contributor to, initiatives that promote and reinforce rights in the networked domain from a feminist perspective.

Nancy was awarded an MA in Media Design, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, University of Applied Sciences (2007) and a PhD, University of Tasmania (2014). In 2015/6 she was the course leader for the Master of Fine Arts, assistant professor of art and technology, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Assistant Professor in the Communications and New Media Department, National University Singapore, (2016-8). She currently lectures and leads the Post Digital Culture Studio, School of Design, RMIT University .
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