Proof of Work, a blog by Max Dovey

‘The contract is the code, it’s unstoppable code, it’s
unbreakable, it’s self-executing and autonomous — right up until
everything goes wrong.’ – Patrick Murck, a lawyer and researcher at Harvard University’s Berkman Center

Proof of Work, the term used to describe a method of validating transactions on the blockchain, is one of the most popular protocols that re-engineers the creation of value, authenticity and trust from a traditional organisation to a computer to computer network. It will also be the title for this blog, a proof of research into de-centralized technologies and emergent forms of network governance.

Proof of work will examine how cryptography converged from digital money to state governance and digital citizenship. Bitcoin, a digital money invented in 2009, was originally a weapon to destroy the banks but the underlying technology blockchain was merged into a de-centralized ledger to automate governance. Proof of work will document my research, interventions and performative interpretations in finance, economy and digital governance.