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I am an ethnographer.

I am often introduced with this qualification and at other times I rely on this identification to accrue professional, institutional and intellectual validation for the writings and ideas which have come to define me. However I remain highly conflicted and ambiguous about evoking and operating within the regimes, disciplinary, intellectual and political, which contextualises ethnography not only as a methodology but also a modality of/in knowledge production of the others.

Here – seeking from Pessosa’s undertakings, “random impressions, and with no desire to be other than random” – I intend to disrupt that disquiet.

I have conducted research across diverse spaces exploring varying issues in Delhi, Singapore and Australia. One of my most sustained engagement continues to be in a slum settlement in Delhi where I have been undertaking research over the last ten years.

During this time I have published several academic and non-academic articles, to access and read them, please visit here:


You can write to me at tripta (at)