Screening the City Seminar op 1 december in Trouw

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Donderdag 1 December, 10-17u, deur open 9.30
Locatie: Trouw de Verdieping, Wibautstraat 127, Amsterdam

Screening the City draait om data van bewoners, beeldmateriaal van de stad en de infrastructuur van de ‘smart city’. Tijdens het seminar en in de expositie presenteren ontwerpers, onderzoekers, programmeurs, illustratoren en journalisten mogelijkheden om lokale content en data terug te geven aan de stad, via urban screens, mobiele apps, interactieve tv-formats en andere kanalen.

Na de succesvolle urban screen conferenties in Amsterdam (2005 en 2009), Manchester (2007) en Melbourne (2008), vindt van 29 november t/m 1 december alweer het vijfde Urban Screens event plaats, met als thema ‘Screening the City’.

In het seminar worden o.a. twee Culture Vortex projecten gepresenteerd, namelijk Docs on the Spot (IDFA, Instituut voor Beeld & Geluid, Stadsarchief Amsterdam, MediaLAB en INC) en Kunst en Nieuws in de Publieke Ruimte (DROPSTUFF en NOS). Het gehele programma is te vinden op

Screening the City is onderdeel van onderzoeksproject Culture Vortex en wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door SIA RAAK.

Led It Up attending NFF

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Hi there folks!

Long time no news. After Festival Mundial we said goodbye to the MediaLab and enjoyed a nice holiday. Although the MediaLab is over for us, Led It Up lives on! Our presence at Mundial has generated interest in our interactive installation from various organisations. We have decided to continue the project for as long as we can.

So first great news: we’re going to the Netherlands Film Festival (NFF)! This annual festival takes place in Utrecht where this year we will be entertaining the public on Neude. The database that we use will consist of only film, so no more Open Images. This means the game will  be slightly different. The upcoming weeks we’ll be working hard to put together a neat experience for all you film lovers. It’s a great new challenge for us to adapt our game to a new setting, and to optimalise our installation.

There might be some other festivals we’ll be attending in the near future so keep an eye on our blog / facebook / twitter to find out what’s next. Find us at Neude from 21 – 30 September 2011.

Keep you posted!

Led It Up

Led It Up at Festival Mundial 2011 | the video

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Click here to view the embedded video.


For more information please contact Gijs Gootjes:


g.gootjes at

Winners Golden Dot Awards 2011

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Last week was an exciting week for us. We launched our interactive installation at Festival Mundial in Tilburg and 2 days later were at the Golden Dot Awards in Amsterdam. As regular reader and follower of our project you’ve probably noticed our lobbying for votes these past few weeks. We’ve been spamming the social interwebs on a daily basis to get us closer to that price, the Golden Dot Public Award. Like the name suggests, the winner of this award is chosen by the public. Besides that we could enroll our project into one of these 5 categories:

  • IAM Bright (nice entrepreneurship, good insight in the market)
  • IAM Creative (most creative, the new big idea)
  • IAM Usability (best user centered design with a brilliant usability)
  • IAM Technical (most innovative, technical solution/application)
  • IAM Social (best use of social media and marketing)

We were in the IAM Technical group and were judged by the head of IT @ Mobile Generation. WE WON! To be honest, we thought we would only have a real shot at the Public award. Surprised and very happy we walked onto the stage and claimed our prices. At the end of the evening the Public award was chosen. The organization showed everyone the realtime status of voting and there we were, on top! With nearly 800 votes! Crazy! The project that came in second place had around 450 votes so we won with a huge difference. Thanks to everyone who voted for us and special thanks to those of you who voted with more than 1 email address and forced their friends and family to vote as well. Your loyalty and dedication has brought us the award with all it’s fame and glory. After claiming this price on stage we planked in front of everyone to win our third award of the evening: the planking award. Presenter of the night had called on everyone to plank and disturbed as we became from all this happiness and adrenaline, we actually created a plank-stack on stage.

All in all it was a great night to celebrate the ending of the project and reflect on a successful launch at Mundial. Led It Up is very happy!

See below a picture gallery (courtesy to IAM) and check out Havana for a video of the night.


Festival Mundial – here we come!

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Though it’s not in black and white yet, we can proudly state with 99% certainty that Led It Up will be launching the project on Mundial Festival 2011 in Tilburg! The ‘world’ character of the festival suits our typical Dutch theme like a glove. We will be allowing the festival public to play with their cultural heritage, to explore their roots, in a contemporary -and most of all fun- setting. Some world class artists that have been confirmed: Moby, Selah Sue, Paolo Nutini, de Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, Los de Abajo and Goldfish.

Come and see us on 18 and 19 June!

Promo clip of Mundial 2011:

Click here to view the embedded video.

Video Vortex #6 Beyond Youtube Conference

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Last Friday Led It Up attended the Video Vortex #6 conference @ Trouw. The entire day was about different elements of the online video ‘vortex’ we live in these days. Various speakers showed examples of projects they were involved in and we learned a bit more about online video art, open source, platforms and aesthetics.

Havana, magazine fom the HvA, made a clip of the day. Led It Up moviestars Jorian and Daan can be seen in it. Check it out here, and click more for the rest of this post.

Maarten Brinkerink, from the Institute of Sound and Vision, was the moderator of the session that was of most interest to our project. There were a lot of speakers so we’ll focus on our favourites. First up: Ben Moskowitz from Mozilla. He really got us jumping in our seats. He spoke about the difference between online video and web video and convinced us that these are not 2 different words for the same thing. What we have now is web video, video as we know it and simply embedded on the webpage. Moskowitz argued that the potential for online video is much bigger than this. With the use of HTML5 posibilities are extreme. Check out an example here. Another interesting project he showed us was Mozilla’s popcorn. Here’s an explanation in their own words:

Video on the web has always been a bit disappointing. After all, it’s pretty much just like television, only smaller. And unlike the rest of the web, video is just as much a passive experience in your browser as it is anywhere else. Mozilla would like to change that. Developers at the browser maker’s Drumbeat project — an initiative that advocates new open web technologies — have created Popcorn, a tool intended to make web video every bit as interactive as the rest of the web. Popcorn is a very new effort and still a bit rough around the edges, but results are already impressive. Popcorn adds metadata to HTML5 native web video, annotating videos with information like location, details about the people and topics in the video, subtitles, and licensing details. The metadata can be used in real time to add to the experience. Source: Mozilla

Basically HTML5 will release online video from its adopted ‘old media’ constraints, arcording to Ben Moskowitz. Click here for a Popcorn demo. For us this presentation was mostly interesting because we might use HTML5 for our LED screen. It gave some interesting insights and broadened our knowledge of the possibilities.

Ben Moskowitz

Another cool project is Web X-ray Goggles, allowing everyone to instantly check out and change/remix the code and layout of their webbrowser. Very interesting for us to see this kind of remixing by the public.

Evan Roth served us some cool art projects in The ‘online video art’ session, following Ben Moskowitz. Roth had given the animated GIF mash up workshop the day before, attended by our very own Level Up. Among their work we saw some awesome projects done by Roth and F.A.T. Lab (Free Art and Technology).

Evan Roth

Click here to view the embedded video.

L.A.S.E.R. tag: an open source tool for writing graffiti on buildings with lasers.

Another nice project was shown by Dagan Cohen, alled “Upload Cinema”. In short, he shows us that the web is changing film. Thanks to “Upload Cinema”, Dagan gives an opportunity to present the best of the web in movie theatres. The audience submits videos and the best ones will be selected to be shown. Another interesting way of remixing content..  In sum; very inspiring day.

Dagan Cohen

Click here to view the embedded video.

Upload Cinema

Photos by Anne Helmond and Networkcultures

Pinkpop press conference

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We just visited the Pinkpop press conference at Paradiso, where Jan Smeets announced the names of the bands attending the festival in June. Giel Beelen was presenting and opened the afternoon in a nice fashion with the guys from Blaas of Glory. The goal of our visit was to speak to Jan and convince him to launch our installation at the festival.

Jan referred us to Niek Murray (his wingman) who’s more into tech and we had a quick chat with him. He’ll discuss with Jan and hopefully we will know very soon! Keep you posted..

Giel Beelen and Jan Smeets @ Paradiso

Save Me / Bewaar Me

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Save Me afficheNationale Conferentie over design, vormgevingserfgoed en -geschiedenis
Datum: Vrijdag 5 november 2010, 9.30 – 17.30 uur
Locatie: Stoomschip De Rotterdam, 3e Katendrechtse Hoofd 25, Rotterdam

Programma (onder voorbehoud)
9.30 uur Inloop en ontvangst

10.00 uur Opening door Job Meihuizen, Premsela en Ruben Maes, dagvoorzitter

10.15 uur Save me, een korte animatiefilm door Niek Pulles

10.30 uur Roger Scruton, Cultuurfilosoof, Saving the future [English spoken]

11.15 uur Wie gaat het bewaren? Het archief, het museum en de particulier.
Een gesprek met vertegenwoordigers uit drie werelden: Charles Jeurgens (Nationaal Archief), Renate Flagmeier (Museum der Dinge) en Joanna Zielinska (onderzoekster naar particuliere collecties) over archieven, musea en particuliere verzamelaars als bewaarders van ons erfgoed o.l.v. Ruben Maes [English spoken]

12.00 uur Lunchpauze

13.00 uur Zeven parallelsessies: ‘Wat willen we bewaren?’
[overwegend Nederlands gesproken, mostly Dutch spoken]
1. Arnoud Odding, Nationaal Glasmuseum Leerdam: Het museum van de traagheid en de snelheid.
2. Marcel Brouwer, Christie’s / Gavelers Auctioneers, De tweedehands markt, geen tweederangs bron!
3. Samantha Castano, CRVa, Het hybride karakter van een vormgevingsarchief: museumstuk of archiefmateriaal?
4. Marie Christine van der Sman, NAGO, Bouwen aan een social community van ontwerpers.
5. Chris Kabel, productvormgever, Van het een komt het ander.
6. Renate Flagmeier, Werkbundarchiv, Berlijn, Museum der Dinge. [Duits gesproken, German spoken]
7. Marcel Duijghuisen, Regionaal Historisch Centrum Eindhoven / Brain, Minder is meer.

14.00 uur Zeven parallelsessies: ‘Wat willen we bewaren?’
[overwegend Nederlands gesproken, mostly Dutch spoken]
1. Joanna Zielinska, Centre of contemporary Art, Torun, Polen, Anything may be collected [Engels gesproken, English spoken]
2. Suzanne Mulder / Alfred Marks, NAi, Rotterdam, Van wie naar wat.
3. Karin van der Heiden, ParkC, What you see is what you had – the raiders of the lost archives.
4. Ramses van Bragt, RKD en Helen van Ruiten, galeriehoudster
Archief Galerie Binnenste Buiten: inventariseren en de rol van de
5. Lex Reitsma, vormgever en filmmaker / Marijke Kuper, onderzoeker, Designstory – De stoel van Rietveld.
6. Fredrike Huygen, Designgeschiedenis Nederland, Bewaren vanuit het perspectief van de onderzoeker: Jurriaan Schrofers archief.
7. Richard Hermans, Erfgoed Nederland, Pitch: Hoe organiseren we verantwoordelijkheid voor het bewaren van vormgevingserfgoed.

15.00 uur Charles Jeurgens, Nationaal Archief/ Rijksuniversiteit Leiden, Teveel om te bewaren. Waardering en selectie van archieven.

15.30 uur Timo de Rijk, Technische Universiteit Delft / Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Collect the Impossible.

16.00 uur Afsluiting en borrel

NIMk at Virtueel Platform Hot100

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by Lorena Zevedei and Sandra Fauconnier

The Netherlands Media Art Institute, one of the project partners in Culture Vortex, participated in the 4th edition of Virtual Platform Hot100 at PICNIC, with a challenge/case related to its online collection.

This edition of PICNIC Hot100 was organized in the Amsterdam Westergasfabriek, on 23 September 2010. Talented alumni from many Dutch media/design academies and media studies courses were invited to discuss interesting challenges and problems presented in seven cases by: Netherlands Media Art Institute, NLArchitects, NRC, Eindhoven Municipality, SetUp Utrecht, Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek and Nederlands Uitburo.

This year’s edition had a central focus themes related to Life, City, Media and Design and the cases were structured in this direction. Two inspiring speeches preceded the afternoon discussions. One held by designer, entrepreneur and founder of Superflux, Anab Jain and the second one by Head of Digital, Social and Emerging Technologies at The Powerhouse Museum, Seb Chan.

NIMk’s round table focused on the following case: distribution of new(er?) media art: how to address to it in a creative way?!?
NIMk currently distributes successfully 90% video art and 10% installations. The next step is the distribution of new(er) media art: net art / software / hardware / interactive installations.

In order to come up with ideas some questions were formulated:
What is the value of NIMk, in distributing and promoting these types of media art that are mainly online already? And does it make sense to do it? When these works are already in the collection, what are the next steps?
Many keywords were put on the table and distributed around two main issues that were largely discussed: making the works and distribution more personal and unique, and promotion.

Personal/unique value of each work: internet-based works can be exhibited in many different ways and made more interesting in physical presentations. NIMk can encourage and discuss with artists possibilities to show the works’ unique value in better ways to various audiences.

Promotion: this is one element that NIMk has to open up to a lot in order to reach all types of audiences, from non-professional to professionals. The group came up with some ideas of how to improve this. The term ‘pushing’ was proposed in this context: making use of sharing tools, such as social media networks and its own website for promoting the distributed works to various target audiences , and allowing user generated data: from semi-professionals (students with their papers, thesis, projects) and experts (curators and writers with reviews, papers, presentations). NIMk could also appoint ambassadors: enthusiast and prominent members from the NIMk network who promote the institute by their own initiative. Other suggestions included: specific projects/courses, key-works newsletters, see trends that develop and use them by personalising the collection.

All these ideas and proposals were exposed in a final presentation together with the other six cases presentation at the end of the afternoon.

Discussion with the non-professionals

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Culture Vortex is an innovation program to encourage public participation in online cultural collections.