CREATE-IT applied research

logo create it CREATE IT applied research announcements CREATE-IT applied research is the knowledge centre of the HvA’s Media, Creation and Information (Media, Creatie en Informatie) domain. The INC is part of this knowlegde centre as well as other 'lectoren' and the MediaLAB Amsterdam.

At this knowledge centre, lecturers, students and researchers carry out applied research commissioned by the creative industry and the IT sector. We collaborate with universities and other knowledge institutes. Research results are used by the professional sector as well as adapted for educational purposes. Applied research provides solutions to urgent practical issues, ensures that educational programmes are kept up to date, promotes knowledge circulation and contributes to the professionalisation of students and lecturers.

The mission of Create-IT is to train young, critical professionals and, by involving them in applied research, equip them with the best possible tools for operating in the rapidly developing professional field. Applied research enables us to react quickly and effectively to current issues in professional practice. By conducting research, both students and lecturers will develop their professional skills. The research results can be applied in the real world and will ensure that the education curriculum is kept up to date.

It provides a platform for enterprising, creative and motivated students, lecturers and researchers to carry out research for the growing and innovative creative industry and IT sector in Amsterdam and the ‘Northern Wing’ of the Randstad conurbation, as well as internationally. This is a state-of-the-art sector, of great importance to Amsterdam, but also a sector which knows no bounds, being equally successful in both the city and the surrounding area.