VIDEO VORTEX READER II: moving images beyond YouTube – CONTENTS

The INC is pleased to announce the contributors and contents of the upcoming Video Vortex Reader II: moving images beyond YouTube (Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, March 2011).

The reader will be launched at the Video Vortex #6 conference in Amsterdam on Sat., March 12th at 5:15pm.

A number of contributors to the reader will be speaking as part of the conference, as well as many others will be in attendance!

Video Vortex Reader II contributors speaking at the conference include: Natalie Bookchin, Vito Campanelli (who will be present for the launch of his book, Web Aesthetics: How Digital Media Affect Culture and Society, taking place at the conference ), Andrew Clay, Sandra Fauconnier (NIMk), Sam Gregory (WITNESS), Mél Hogan, Nuraini Juliastuti and Ferdiansyah Thajib (KUNCI), Geert Lovink, Andrew Lowenthal (EngageMedia), Rachel Somers Miles, Teague Schneiter (IsumaTV), Andreas Treske, and Matthew Williamson. Also, the video installation series YouTube as a Subject by artist Constant Dullaart, discussed in an interview with Cecilia Guida in the reader, will be exhibited at the VeniVidiVortex:Closing Party.



Geert Lovink
Engage in Destiny Design: Online Video Beyond Hypergrowth
Introduction to Video Vortex Reader II


Stefan Heidenreich
Vision Possible: A Methodological Quest for Online Video

Andreas Treske
Frames within Frames – Windows and Doors

Robrecht Vanderbeeken
Web Video and the Screen as a Mediator and Generator of Reality

Vito Campanelli
The DivX Experience

Sarah Késenne
Regarding the Sex, Lies and Videotapes of Others: Memory, Counter-Memory,
and Mystified Relations


Gabriel Menotti
Objets Propagés: The Internet Video as an Audiovisual Format

Andrew Gryf Paterson
From a Pull-down Screen, Fold-up Chairs, a Laptop and a Projector:
The Development of Clip Kino Screenings, Workshops and Roles in Finland

Jan Simons
Between iPhone and YouTube: Movies on the Move?


Sandra Fauconnier
Video Art Distribution in the Era of Online Video

Evelin Stermitz
ArtFem.TV: Feminist Artistic Infiltration of a Male Net Culture

Mél Hogan
Crashing the Archive/Archiving the Crash: The Case of SAW Video’s Mediatheque

Teague Schneiter
Ethical Presentation of Indigenous Media in the Age of Open Video:
Cultivating Collaboration, Sovereignty and Sustainability


David Teh
The Video Agenda in Southeast Asia, or, ‘Digital, So Not Digital’

Ferdiansyah Thajib, Nuraini Juliastuti, Andrew Lowenthal and Alexandra Crosby
A Chronicle of Video Activism and Online Distribution in Post-New Order Indonesia

Larissa Hjorth
Still Mobile: Networked Mobile Media, Video Content and Users in Seoul


Matthew Williamson
Degeneracy in Online Video Platforms

Andrew Clay
Blocking, Tracking, and Monetizing: YouTube Copyright Control and the
Downfall Parodies

Tara Zepel
Cultural Analytics at Work: The 2008 U.S. Presidential Online Video Ads

Rachel Somers Miles
Free, Open and Online: An Interview with Denis Roio aka Jaromil

Alejandro Duque
Streaming Counter Currents: ‘W.A.S.T.E’


Sam Gregory
Cameras Everywhere: Ubiquitous Video Documentation of Human Rights, New Forms
of Video Advocacy, and Considerations of Safety, Security, Dignity and Consent

Elizabeth Losh
Shooting for the Public: YouTube, Flickr, and the Mavi Marmara Shootings


Brian Willems
Increasing the Visibility of Blindness: Natalie Bookchin’s Mass Ornament

Natalie Bookchin and Blake Stimson
Out in public: Natalie Bookchin in Conversation with Blake Stimson

Linda Wallace
non-western and garland

Perry Bard
When Film and Database Collide

Cecilia Guida
YouTube as a Subject: Interview with Constant Dullaart

Rosa Menkman
Glitch Studies Manifesto

Albert Figurt
The Thin Line Between On and Off: a (re:)cyclothymic exploration