Presentatie Unlike Us-app 14 maart

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Kom naar de presentatie van de Unlike Us-app donderdag 14 maart. De app bevat tien toegankelijke Nederlandstalige artikelen vol filmpjes, discussiepunten en leestips over sociale media en de kansen en gevaren voor bouwers en gebruikers. De app is gebaseerd op de Unlike Us Reader, een uitgebreide verzameling essays die als boek bij het lectoraat Netwerkcultuur van de HvA verschijnt. In deze essays stellen designers, programmeurs, communicatiestrategen en onderzoekers de vraag: 'Sociale media - deelnemen of afwijzen?’

Theo Ploeg, cultuursocioloog en CMD-docent, Geert Lovink, lector Netwerkcultuur en Marc Stumpel, oud-CMD-student en redacteur van de app presenteren de iPad-versie van de artikelen. Vervolgens kan iedereen meedoen aan de quiz 'Hoe goed ken jij je eigen Facebook-profiel?!'. De winnaars kunnen leuke prijzen winnen, waaronder een toegangskaart voor de Unlike Us #3-conferentie op 22 en 23 maart.

Voor iedere bezoeker ligt bovendien een gratis exemplaar van de Unlike Us Reader klaar!

Wanneer: 14 maart 2013 van 17.00-18.00 uur
Waar: Medialounge, Theo Thijssenhuis, HvA (Wibautstraat 2-4, Amsterdam)
Entree gratis

bekijk hier de flyer: Flyer

INC speaks about Out of Ink and Society of the Query 2 at the Brown Bag Lunch

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On Wednesday January 23 2013 INC's Francesca Coluzzi and René König presented at the Brown Bag Lunch sessions of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

Graphic Designer and visual artist Francesca Coluzzi from Italy worked on the Out of Ink project for the last 5 months as a research intern at the Institute of Network Cultures. In her presentation at the Brown Bag Lunch she talked about the digital shift in publishing and the role of art and design concerning the book as a medium and the book as a culture. "What will the book look like in the future?" was her main research question. With a lot of artistic examples and interviews with experts she tried to find answers to questions like: 'Do we write and read differently on digital devices', 'what is a 'reading' experience?', and 'can design and art contribute to the development of digital publishing and how?'. The presentation is recorded and can be viewed here. More info about the Out of Ink project is availabe on the website:

René König is a sociologist doing PHD researching at Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. For the last couple of months he worked at the Institute of Network Cultures on the Society of the Query project and the planning a second conference later this year on search engines, Google and alternatives. In his presentation for the Brown Bag Lunch he elaborated on different topics concerning search, like personalization & localization, Googlization, law issues, regulations and alternatives to Google, non-Western perspectives to search, and education aspects. His presentation can be viewed here and more information about the Society of the Query can be found on:

INC will launch online audio archive and Theory on Demand series on 19 January @ 4 pm

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INC Winter Drinks and launch
Date: 19 January 2010
Location: Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Interactive Media, Expositieruimte (4th floor), Rhijnspoorplein 1, Amsterdam.
Time: Launch starts at 16:00.
Registration: rsvp (at) networkcultures (dot) org

At the INC winter drinks the Institute of Network Cultures will launch two online projects: the audio archive of Geert Lovink 1987-1995 (including the Bilwet interviews) and the Theory on Demand series.

Geert Lovink’s audio archive contains more than 200 hours of digitized material (transferred from audio cassettes to digital audio files). The archive contains editions from the Bilwet Portrait gallery and various other interviews and lectures from 1987 – 1995. For information about the Bilwet Portrait gallery please visit:

Theory on Demand is a new publication series by the Institute of Network Cultures. The name is derived from Print on Demand, a printing technology by which books (or other documents) are only printed when ordered. Print on Demand publishers includes Lulu, Blurb, and Open Mute. The Theory on Demand series mainly focuses on rare finds: manuscripts that haven’t been published yet and books that are already out of print.

The first books in the series are:
# 1 Dynamics of Critical Internet Culture, by Geert Lovink
# 2 Jahre der Jugend Netzkritik: Essays zu Web 1.0, by Geert Lovink and Pit Schultz
# 3 Victim’s Symptoms, PTSD and Culture, by Ana Peraica (ed.)
# 4 Imagine There Is No Copyright and Cultural Conglomorates Too..., by Joost Smiers and Marieke van Schijndel

The books can be downloaded as pdf files from the INC website (from 19 January onwards). Printed copies can be ordered with one of the listed print-on- demand publishers (Lulu, Blurb, OpenMute, Qoop).

Creative Commons presentation by Paul Keller

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Last Wednesday, Paul Keller from Kennisland,  gave a presentation about Creative Commons licensing.

Creative Commons provides free tools that let authors, scientists, artists, and educators easily mark their creative work with the freedoms they want it to carry. You can use CC to change your copyright terms from "All Rights Reserved" to "Some Rights Reserved."

This lecture was an initiative from the IAM Open Courseware team to inform teachers and students about copyrights. IAM Open Courseware is a project of the Institute of Networkcultures, MediaLAB and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam about creating a platform, similar to MIT Open Courseware, to make open educational material to improve education globally through the free and open sharing of knowledge.

This presentation was streamed and is archived at by Paul den Hertog and Abdullah Geels.

IAM Open Courseware is sponsored by Digitale Pioniers.

HvA Education Conference 2009

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By Urte Jurgaityte

On the 2nd of April, 2009, The Amsterdam University of Applied Science (HvA) organized the 5th HvA Education Conference at the Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam. The conference, with the theme of 'The Learning Community,' started with an informal lunch with about 800 participants. Most of the attendees were HvA employees, (lecturers, staff and management), as well as the research depts. ('lectoraten') such as the Institute of Network Cultures, and labs like MediaLAB Amsterdam. The opening speech by Dymph van den Boom, rector magnificus of the HvA, was followed by the two interesting keynote speakers Trude Maas and René Jansen, who addressed the importance of community building and networking.

In the afternoon, everybody split into small groups to have roundtable discussions about a variety of important topics related to education and research. The roundtables were arranged according to 8 main themes: Learning Community, ICT and Education, Learning the Big City, Young Teachers / Professionalizing, Excellency / Masters, Divergent Perspectives, Study Success, and Environment Awareness.
The Institute of Network Cultures led a discussion about the use and possible value of social networks within higher education, with the title 'Is your EduHyves LinkedIn yet?.' At this roundtable, moderated by Geert Lovink and Paul den Hertog, social networks were discussed from an educational and policy perspective. What could a HvA fabecook be? And should it be accessible for both students and teaching staff? Who is it for? And what are the pitfalls of yet another social networking platform? The outcomes were of great value for the further developments of the HvA social networking tool that Paul den Hertog is designing.
Another roundtable in the 'Learning Community' theme was initiated by three students from the MediaLAB Amsterdam. Daphne Gautier, Rochus Meijer and me were responsible for a discussion about Open Courseware. We did a short introduction about Open Course Ware at MIT and TU Delft and introduced IAM Open Courseware project. We debated whether the HvA is ready for an open culture in which knowledge sharing could facilitate education, and examined the possibilities of Open Course Ware at HvA.

For more information about the project IAM Open Courseware, see:

Interactive Media in 2015

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by Sabine Niederer

The INC is based at the School for Interactive Media, Amsterdam University of Applied Science. Last year, our former director Emilie Randoe initiated a research project into the near future of Interactive Media. Together with professionals from the field of new media, we came upp with an initial four scenarios during an event at Picnic 07. Subsequently, a research group of INC and IAM colleagues further developed these scenarios into insecure but probable stories of the future. The final writing of the stories was done by Twan Eijkelenboom.
I presented the scenario method and the outcomes of this research into the field of Interactive Media in 2015 on April 1st, at a day for Dutch Communication And Multimedia Design Schools (of which the School of Interactive Media is one), which took place at the Mediacollege in Hilversum. After the presentation, the scenarios were discussed with the participants which led to interesting recommendations for the next phase of the research, whis is developing a new vision and profile for the School of Interactive Media. This will then form the basis for changes in the curriculum next year.

The four scenario's are online (in Dutch) at The research forms the basis of the new curriculum, which will be developed later this year. For non-Dutch speakers, I'd be happy to provide more information on request. Feel free to send an email to sabine (at) networkcultures (dot) org.