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Dispatches from the Place of Imminence, part 4

March 6-10, 2022 After a quiet day on Saturday, March 5th, there were six air raid sirens on March 6th, and I noticed that, unless the rockets hit the city, too many sirens per day can make you ignore them. If it’s two or three, your body is turned on and your mind responds by […]

A conversation between Anab Jain and Marta Peirano, as recorded and retold in a small colony of ants

Written by: Gabriele Ferri and Inte Gloerich Ant 1: [Wiggles antennae, wiggles antennae, wiggles antennae.] I bring an interesting message to pass along. Ant 2: [Wiggles, wiggles.] I’m listening. Ant 1: This is something that I’m passing along on behalf of my other sisters in the colony, who received it from another anthill, which received […]

YOU SAY I DO NOT EXIST: Theory of the Chrono-Ghettos

You are unable to comprehend me rationally, because you harbor deep emotions about me without even being aware of them. You are always a little afraid I will take things from you, and you believe I am the source of your suffering. You think above all that I expose your impermanence, which is the quintessential […]

Seven years since #GirlBoss. Where is she now?

Who remembers the first time they heard the term ‘Girl Boss?’ For most, it was around the time founder of the fashion brand Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso, published her autobiography ‘#GirlBoss’ in 2014. Since then, the term has grown in popularity to the extreme, creating its own aspirational ‘category’ of woman, archetypal image, and countless […]

Selfies Under Quarantine: Students Report Back to Rome (Episode 4)

Episode 1 with introduction: Episode 2: Episode 3: Italian translation: Episode 4: LOVE (NOT) AT FIRST SIGHT In collaboration with Danielle, Shaina, Briana, Jackie, Marta, Gabriella, Sydney, Elena, Sophia and Natalia This week we read  excerpts from Eva Illouz’s Cold Intimacies. The Making of Emotional Capitalism and watched the video: ‘How Emotions Are Made’ ‘Thought that I was going crazy Just havin’ one those […]

Pit Schultz: Europe is not a Data Grossraum

Europe is Not a Data Grossraum by Pit Schultz (@pitsch) Apart from outdated spatial metaphors, the sectorization of data economies points to the risk of the emergence of monopoly platforms. There is a danger of  “natural” sectorwize monopolies, which, thanks to telecommunication-driven 5G infrastructure (EdgeML, IoT), allows vertical integration and the centralization of value chains, […]