Cross Critique – art criticism in (moving) images

Nine Dutch and Flemish critics and video artists landed on the Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussel in May 2017. Their mission: to experiment with the possibilities of audio-visual criticism. Can you ‘write’ a critique in images? In which ways does text relate to a moving image, or audio to image and text? What kind of consequences does the use of other media have for the crucial critical functions of analysis and evaluation?
The group looked for answers in a practical way, experimenting with simple cameras, smartphones or audio equipment to produce critiques with a high audio-visual and analytical standard, and asking which software is the most useful and easy to use for art critics.

The working sessions resulted in a series of experimental productions, published by the Flemish cultural magazine rekto:verso. Some conclusions can be drawn from the experience: Writers can develop the necessary technical competences without too much effort, and, the work done in Brussels shows the potential of audio-visual critique, but also brought up new issues and questions surrounding the function and status of the practice of art criticism.

Look here for the experiments of Beatrice Puijk (NL), David Bert, Joris Dhert (B), Johannes De Breuker (B), Jorne Vriens (NL), Karin van de Wiel (NL), Maryam K. Hedayat (B), filmmaker Mathias Ruelle (B), Tessel Schmidt (NL) and Wouter Hillaert (B). Part of them will continue on the Platform Cross Critique.

This project was a collaboration between Domain for Art Criticism, rekto:verso and Institute of Network Cultures and funded by the Mondriaan Fund and the Performing Arts Fund.