Cracking the Movement

Squatting beyond the media

Translated by Laura Martz
Autonomedia, New York, 1994


Special Movement Teachings
the constitution of the squat movement

Squatting in the Beginning
the wonder of local space travel

The Groote Keyser and the Vogelstruys
under the house's spell

Once in Motion...
the going on idea

Hans Kok and Death
the secret disappearance

The Kedichem Dike
(shared) panic/p. in union

A Riot from Heaven
the night of the Mariënburcht

The Great Victory of the Household Garbage
the self-abuse of nolympics

Tearing down New Buildings inside the Circle
the squat movement leaves port

General Movement Teachings
looking for a job in space

closing remark by Johan Sjerpstra

Translator's beta version of Adilkno's Bewegingsleer (Ravijn, 1990)

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