Nieuwe Media in NL – Arjen Mulder

The second speaker in the (Dutch spoken) lecture series Nieuwe Media in Nederland (New Media in the Netherlands), was Arjen Mulder (October 8, 2004).
Arjen Mulder had the assignment to speak about interactivity in Dutch architecture, and focus specifically on the work of Dutch architect Lars Spuybroek (Nox Architects).
Arjen Mulder, being both a biologist and a media theorist, shone his personal light on non-digital interactivity and virtuality. Highlighting Spuybroek’s work of the Son-o-house and the D-tower, Mulder’s earlier formulated ideas gained shape. The ingenious systems underlying the shapes of the buildings, facilitate various sensuous experiences. The D-tower, registering and reflecting the state of mind of Doetinchems inhabitants, uses digital technology to make a very sensitive and intimate work. The questions formulated by the artist Q.S. Serafijn stimulate the inhabitants to give us a view into their personal lives and feelings.

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