Darko Fritz in Santa Monica

Dear friends,
greetings form sunny Santa Monica / Los Angeles!

My previous residence at Baltic [UK] finished only week ago. I was there after invitation by Sarah Cook. It was great there, meeting great people from east-north England and lot of [hard] working. Two new videos are about to be complete this days in long-distance work with editor based in Amsterdam [Error Reports and Internet Error Messages, 20 minutes in total], and additionally Time=Money is in row cut now. The DVD edition of the End of the Message project will be out at the end of the April [in edition of 1000, consists of more than 3 hours of video]. In UK I made few presentations: at the Dundee University in Scotland [via Chris Byrne] and at the Hypermedia Studies at the Westminister University in London [via Richard Barbrook], and for students from University of Sunderland. Short-term exhibition, i.e. video-installation was set-up in big room in the Baltic, where as it was Eastern more than 7000 people pass Baltic this two days. Home-prints of Home posters are at display at Risk exhibition in Glasgow [curated by Ele Carpenter]. As well, the Home posters are to be displayed soon at the English – Scottish border … So, it is time to slow down a bit …
Now I am at 18th Street Art Centre in Santa Monica, LA, at artist-in-residence until end of May, so for full two months. At 14th april I’ll make artist presentation here.
This is a complex of 25 studios and galeries. Legendary Electonic Cafe International is part of it. They are closed at a moment and busy with sorting out their archives of 25 years work. Here is as well the EZTV, pioneering media art centre founded in 1979. Here are three international artist-in-residence studios and Highway performance space. As well I am short-term scholar at the UCLA.
Margit Rosen will be my guest for few weeks this month. She will come to LA to make part of her phd research, and we’ll work together on the paper on early [1960’s] computer vs. conceptual art for the banff conference.

This is my second ever visit to America … ‘i like america and america likes me’ … here are some results of my jet-legged shopping and things i found in the fridge …

first my favorite:

following is made by native indians: ‘half & half fat free ultra-pasteurized’ … i can’t believe it’s not milk! [here to prove you how quickly i am learning] …

show to children how pepper look alike … wittgenstein, we love you!


i can’t believe it’s not a pipe!

california über alles!
It seems that the Croatian – Californian [sun]x-change taking place right now …

Clayton Campbell [artist and director of 18th St. Art, where I’m now] and Zelimir Koscevic are in Dubrovnik today. Clayton exhibition his photos there, the same exhibition that was presented in Zelimir’s Lang Photo Gallery in Samobor November 2004 [thanks to Zeljko and Lang gallery I am now in LA]. I suppose that is sunny in Dubrovnik as it is here …
[upon many of your request — i get 30 replies yesterday–] here is an e-sunshine captured at today’s LA sky …

here enclosed some of the Santa Monica skyline … view from my terrace, direction sea [3 km] … as all around LA ——————————————————————————————————————————- very horizontal ————–
… electricity beams … palms … electricity beams … palms …
skyline.jpg electric_palms.jpg

I just started to explore a bits of a giant called LA … it’s fascinating … in scale … in style … in diversity … There is a hell lot of a things going on in LA …LA weekly have 200 pages in big format …

and here – to share – a reply from Derek Holzer [on half-half WHAT, half empty, half full, jin-jang supermarket experience] … the zoom-in the logo … i can’t belive that this is not a …


now i am developing the project which will hopefully go at 7th may. it is temporary site-specific installation and +- 3 hours internet video streaming event. take a look at the very first sketch: the white dots represent burning candles, creating kind of subtitle for internet streaming. an ultimate reality tv! american influence, you see … hey, if you know the venue when it can be publicly broadcasted at may 7th, 19 – 21 h [la time], please let me know …

204 from terrace.jpg


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