Opening Night – Jeebesh Bagci

(Sarai New Media Initiative, India) Forgetting Development: Cybermohalla Practices and Information Networks.

Jeebesh Bagchi starts from the intellectual problems people in and around sarai have and wants to locate sarai in the debate. Cybermohalla is 4 years old and started in an urban context. He refers to a shadow in a city which is a productive space, a space of social action. In this space cybermohalla operates. There are three labs in New Delhi with some basic technology and within the labs 20 to 15 people are working. How do they work? They produce a huge amount of animations and writing. And a huge amount of sound recording, photography, hyperlink texts. The labs start from an ethic of hospitality. It produces wall sheets etc. and wants to create a dynamic dialogue with its locality.

There is a series of statements and writing that came out which can be found on line. They are examples of statements that emerged out of the practice of the lab.

The practioners are aware of the discourse which circulates in the private and the public discourse. Question, significant question of politics of space, these kind of provocations come out of the writings.

Example of autodrivers that have newspapers on the top. People take the paper, read it and put it back. Cybermohalla did a project with this. Putting leaflets on the top of the autodrivers and this way it circulates.

Project: culture of listening within localities. Critique of contemporary mode of speech. Complicated research project the act of listening becomes a different order of things. Different conditions of listening.