Opening Night – Antony Mwaniki

(One World, Kenya): Mobile technology – A tool for Development?

The mobile phone: An appropriate tool for Development?

The mobile phone is regulating the way people are doing business. In small businesses.
Antony Mwaniki showed some mobile phone statistics. There is a sense of sharing, also of the mobile phone. Mobile phone improves business, improves communication. We need to ask what other tools and technologies there are in ICT4D.

Who is the user and what value are you seeking to provide?
Is the technology easy to use?
What is your delivery and marketing system?
What is appropriate?
Who are developing applications?

Presentation of a case in Kenya: People centred, inclusive and development oriented.

Network coverage far from optimal
Still expensive
Lack of Capital for Entrepreneurs
Capacity building
Difficulty in monitoring and evaluating the results

Still a great opportunity for use as a tool for development.