Workshop A3 : Open Source, Open Borders : Florian Schneider

Florian Schneider : Fadaiat

fadaiat = arabic “through spaces”

the modern border & nation state –> molecular border/ post-modernized border

documented by Andreea

The talk started with a story about border between spain & morocco. An interview was done with a guy released from a detention center. He caught by guardia civil just as he was getting of the boat (pateras, wooden boats) on the coast of Spain. He had been surprised by the hypocrisy of the border. As he was crossing the Mediterranean to reach Spain police boat, by police boat had passed by his boat, but he hadn’t been stopped or told to go back until he arrived and was caught at a military camp.

characteristic of a border as a filter: filtering useful labor force and keeping migration illegal

Recently there is a new proposal in the USA that all illegal immigrants should be able to apply for a 6 year residency. This due to the fact that the whole us economy in the last 15 years has based on exploitation of illegalized workforce.

The border has to be scandalized because a whole economy of deportation has developed, the business of providing technology for borders/guards.

ideas of autonomy, freedom of movement, knowledge are brought into play at the border. how to reclaim the right to access knowledge, move freely, by regaining this control crossing a border.. pirating… becomes a political act. it’s not a matter of asylum/charity it’s about freedom of borders… it becomes a matter of permissions.

politics and economy, knowing your power

fadaiat: borderline academy

refers to the idea of going to the border, in this case the straits of gibraltar, in order to learn at the border line and from the border line; exposing yourself to the situation in order to gain knowledge; non-binary logic

2004: symbolic act establishing a wireless link from africa to europe because 29km can be bridged with wireless. it is not necessarily effected because of the many other connections in the area from radar and other surveilance technologies.

to establish a permanent link/communicate in real time through wireless links
survey the surveyors; map their technologies, the tours used by border guards in the area.

3rd big project is the idea of setting up fubar tv, distro model for regular video/tv program through local cable/internet/possibly satellite would broadcast video every night using open source technology, in this case oxiora (multimedia, open source, codec)

—> importance of not only theorizing, but developing a practice, to get people used to technology, software, players. convince people to produce under a public domain

borderline academy wants to create a series of events in different situations/spaces. new project “fortresses of europe” castles along the outer border of EU

we must skip the patronizing attitudes. illegal crossing is very organized; there are sustainable support networks run by inhabitans of tarifa who try to welcome people and help them go northwards.a symbol for openness

documented by Andreea