Research and Tools for Design Processes

Our colleagues in Rotterdam have launched the alpha version of a portal of methods and tools which can be used throughout the user-centered design process.

The research department (‘lectoraat’) at Communication and Multimedia Design at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, with research professor Ingrid Mulder, has worked on this toolkit with a research group on Human Centered ICT. The project was presented by Bas Leurs during a workshop on November 12, 2008, in which various professionals from the field of education (mainly CMD Rotterdam), discussed and mapped the process of human-centered design, and the available methods and tools for the HCI process.

This toolkit can be a great resource for teachers as well as students, especially in the next phase in which users can add tools and methods to the wiki (to be released), and can share projects and scenarios of use of this database.
Check out the Alpha version, which is available on

The toolkit was created by: Bas Leurs, Peter Conradie, Joel Laumans, and Rosalieke Verboom.

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