Review MyCreativity reader by Megan Yarrow

Cultural Studies: My Creativity Reader: A Critique of Creative Industries
My favourite piece in My Creativity Reader: A Critique of Creative Industries -a collection of essays edited by Geert Lovink and Ned Rossiter- is Annelys De Vet’s Creativity is not About Industry:

I have nothing smart to say about the creative industry. This might be because I’m in the middle of it myself, not being able to see it clearly anymore. But most of all creativity can’t be compared with industrial principals.
It’s not about production, it’s about reflection.
It’s not about security, but about experiments.
It’s not about output, but about input.
It’s not about graphs, but about people.
It’s not about similarities, but about differences.
It’s not about majorities, but about minorities.
It’s not about the private domain, but about the public domain.
It’s not about financial space, but about cultural space.
Creativity has nothing to do with the economy, or with bureaucracy. It’s about cultural value, trust, autonomous positions and undefined spaces.

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