The Facebook Liberation Army strikes again

The 10th edition of Discovery science festival (Friday 25 September at Science center NEMO) examines a theme that resounds with the Facebook Liberation Army: Who’s in control?

There are continuous threats of man-made systems – the internet, financial markets – to our autonomy. We are a slaves to our unconscious brain. The systems that have been created by ourselves retreat from our grasp and start to lead their own lives that in turn influence our lives.

How do we protect our autonomy? How do we protect ourselves from these man-made systems? How can we know if the choices we make are actually our own? Is autonomy an actual possibility?

The Facebook Liberation Army will be present to pose some uncomfortable questions with regards to our autonomy when it comes to social media. We will demonstrate guerrilla tactics and show you a way out of the Facebook empire. Because, who is in control; Mark Zuckerberg or you?

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