INC Longform: Corporate Social Networking Platforms As Cognitive Factories

We are manufactured and produced by corporate social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, so that our increasingly predictable behavior can generate ever more targeted ads. As Facebook ’employees’ we are to agree with the use of our personal data, we are asked to keep our contact information up to date and we are not allowed to provide any false personal information. If this is work that we are committing willingly – not always knowingly – why aren’t we demanding better working conditions?

INC is happy to announce the 4th longform: Corporate Social Networking Platforms As Cognitive Factories, by Lídia Pereira. You can find and read the latest longform here.

After completion of her bachelor studies in Graphic Design, Lídia Pereira [PT] became intrigued by the friction between digital utopias and material realities. Her current work is concerned with the political organization of labor within digital economy, presenting a focus on the power structures governing online behavior