Design my Privacy

Your privacy is under pressure. Sometimes it appears as if the computer knows exactly what our needs are, or what we are looking for. We click, we like and app to our hearts content. The Internet knows exactly who we are and gives us all kinds of free information. But behind the smart products and services are governments and large multinational corporations that determine our behavior and collect our personal information.

The Design my Privacy publication encourages designers to design for privacy issues. The technology behind the smart products and systems is so complex that the consumer cannot grasp the implications for everyday life. Designers will have to contemplate transparency and accessibility in the design products and services that are sensitive to privacy issues.

MOTI, SETUP and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA), together with many other Dutch and Belgian cultural and educational organisations, want to address privacy issues and thus offer everyone, rich and poor a safe private life. This publication provides the designer with hands-on tools, in the form of eight design principles that can help in designing products and services. It’s the designers who can contribute to a better world.

The book was written by Tijmen Schep in close collaboration with Leonieke van Dipten (INC) and Marc Stumpel (HvA). A collaborative effort from the start, the text has been informed by many experts, researchers and designers.

Order your copy of Design my Privacy here at BIS publishers.

An exhibition, previously at MOTI, now at Z33 in Hasselt, addresses and illustrates the issues from this publication.