INC proudly presents the digital version of The Riddle of the Real City

While usually working with publication series, to insure a speedy and professional production process for both print a digital books, the INC also collaborates on experimental publishing projects that try to reach, understand, or even defy the limit of what a digital publication can be and do. One such project is our collaboration with 1001 Publishers and OSP, working on the translation of Wim Nijenhuis’ study into architectural history and theory, The Riddle of the Real City.

The print book was launched in February in London and now the ebook has arrived as well. We are very proud of the result and happy to present the beautifully designed publication that can be read on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Download the epub edition here! More information can be found on the publication page.
The print book can be ordered from 1001 Publishers.

Below is an example of a spread of the epub when read with iBooks.