‘Fictiocracy: Media and Politics in the Age of Storytelling’ – new Longform by Davide Banis

In times of fake news and post-truth politics, the internet acts as catalyst, multiplying the impact of falsities and further blurring the boundary between fact and fiction. In this longform Davide Banis asked himself how to make sense of the relationship between any representational media and reality. And…what is ‘fictiocracy’?

We proudly present our latest longform Fictiocracy: Media and Politics in the Age of Storytelling by Davide Banis

About the author: Davide Banis is an editor and independent media researcher. He graduated with a Research MA in Media Studies from the University of Amsterdam. His work focuses on journalistic-political assemblage as they span across media. When he grows up, he wants to be a superhero.