Save the Date: MoneyLab #7 Amsterdam, 14-15 November 2019

MoneyLab #7: Geo-Politics of Financial Flows

Save the date: Amsterdam, November 14 & 15, 2019.

The Institute of Network Cultures is proud to announce the return of MoneyLab to Amsterdam: two days filled with presentations, workshops, performances and discussions by and with artists, academics, activists, geeks, and students about pressing financial issues. What is the status of our experiments with alternative finance in the age of Brexit, Trump, and the rise of right-wing nationalism? Can we move beyond the critique of libertarian start-ups and their male preoccupations? What is the role today of artists and designers in this expanding financial ecology? Are platforms becoming the new banks? What are the counter-designs of digital transactions? How do we relate to the emerging regulatory regimes that want to “civilize” fintech? Can we speak of a gentrification of payments, as Brett Scott indicated?

Possible topics:

  • Beyond the Blokechain: the Cryptofeminist Agenda
  • Geopolitics of Finance: From Altright to China
  • Investigative Journalism without Consequences?
  • Financial Hacking: From Dark Web Smokescreens to White-Collar Crime
  • Payments and the Platforms: Monetization of Social Media
  • Questioning Financial Visualization
  • AltFin: Experiments from Prototype to Pilot

The event consists of a 2-day conference, workshops and an evening program with performances. If you are interested to participate, please contact Geert Lovink <geert [at]>.