Relearn 2019

Relearn is a collective learning experiment and also a summer school that addressed to students, artists, teachers from all backgrounds and disciplines. The 2019 edition took place at Varia in Rotterdam on 7th-9th June, then in Brussels on 21st – 22nd at Hacktiris and finally on 06th-08th September in Paris at La Générale.
The purpose behind Relearn 2019 at Varia, that has come to its sixth edition, is to trigger discussions around round table talks organized like decentralized table network protocol. This discussion boards, for instance, touched upon several specific topics like Relearn’s roaming server, Publishing formats, geometries of networks, queering damage bug report, networks are people too. On the next day, a session of different workshop began developing and enriching the starting discussed notions with a practical and technical approach through collaborative writing tools, bots, share commonalities and forms of togetherness;

The participants developed and freely connected various discussions e sub-trajectories, with a focus on publishing formats, touching upon different topics areas like digital interdependencies, affective infrastructure, homebrew networks, networked nodes, feminist servers, federated networks, and networks, digital autonomy, transitional infrastructures, digital self-organizations, so-and-sovereignty networks, think outside the cloud.


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