Throughout the years Hackers & Designers have been exploring and imagining different network concepts and networked practices in many ways. Looking back at some of our activities dealing with ‘Network Imaginaries’ we are getting very excited about the upcoming Summer Academy!

Without rendering the current events as an opportunity we restructured our annual H&D Summer Academy into a distributed workshop program. In earlier editions we worked together with approximately 25 participants during 2 intensive weeks. While we promote the importance of physical encounters for community building, making friends and allies, having discussions and start new initiatives, we think its important to stay safe. Our proposal is to collaborate with smaller groups in different places in the world, help each other with developing and facilitating remote learning formats that will be presented and shared online, with a bigger group of participants. In one week in July we will be all hacking and designing in our own local communities or at home while being connected with the larger H&D network. H&D will support the different initiatives with resources and expertise, and by ensuring a learning infrastructure that is accessible and available to all participants.

We therefore invite creative practitioners whose interest lie in critically and practically engaging with technology, to join us in reflecting and reimagining distributed practices. Whether it be fashion designers, system administrators, or disobedient citizens—we invite the H&D community and the wider public to learn together about network technologies in experimental and hands-on ways. Under the overarching title ‘Network Imaginaries’ we will challenge and activate participants to use and push the boundaries of existing technology and programming platforms (webware, hardware, software), online/offline networks, high and low tech (internet, IPFS, darknet, peer2peer, blockchain, bot networks), and user experience, all in a practical manner—and while addressing the ethical implications of the proposed technologies and processes.

Are you a collective or a group of people interested in workshopping topics, technologies and practices revolving around ‘Network Imaginaries’? This call is for you!

How does the distributed HDSA work?

We will select 6 workshop initiatives.
You will have one month time to develop a ‘workshop script’ that is accessible for anyone to join. This could be a translation of an already existing workshop (developed for a physical space) or an entirely new workshop script developed for this exceptional circumstance. That means a clear outline of the workshop, a video tutorial if needed, or a well documented readme file, and a list of the necessary equipment.
We offer a fee of 500€ for each workshop development including 100€ of material costs.
The 6 scripts will be made available to all participants on the week of the summer academy July 20-25
Workshop facilitators should be available for occasional questions from participants during the workshop week July 20-25.
You will be welcome to also join any of the other proposed workshops during that week, either as a collective or individual!
Submit your proposal here before May 15

Or read more on our website!

The Summer Academy will take place July 20-25, 2020.