Survey on working conditions of non-EU citizens in Dutch arts & culture

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My name is Karina Zavidova, I am a designer, an independent researcher and a migrant in the Netherlands. I am currently conducting a survey on the working conditions of non-EU citizens in the Dutch arts & culture sector. My definition of ‘cultural work’ in this survey is intentionally broad. I have been researching the subject for the past three years and at the current stage I want to go back from looking at particular aspects of the subject to very general questions. How aware are we of the differences in day-to-day work of creative professionals in NL based on their citizenship?

The assumption is that there is a lack of accessible information, but also a lack of general understanding of the situation. There is no overview of  citizenship-related differences such as immigration-related costs, the difference in job opportunities etc. While I am not trained in working with data, I am very inspired by a long-standing tradition of artists and designers investigating their own working conditions and mapping the situation and current practices in the field.

The survey doesn’t focus on numbers but rather on recording the current experiences of migrants and their peers. After collecting responses for the rest of 2020, I will be looking at the results and working on a variety of ways to supply the missing information: via a reader or a publication and via more active formats, such as workshops. Dealing with inequalities based on citizenship in creative work, I am interested in understanding how my experiences correspond with the experiences of others and I am aiming to develop practical methods to work with such inequalities. The survey is open to all types of citizenship, as I would like to gather information not only about non-EU citizens but also about a variety of roles, partnerships, networks and collaborations where people with different citizenship backgrounds work together.

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