Visit the “House Peace” Art Show at Amsterdam Squat Hotel Mokum

Update 2: On Saturday November 27, 2021 the Amsterdam riot police used violence to evict the Hotel Motel squat, after peaceful demonstration outside and a protest manifestation on Leidseplein the evening before. Politically responsible for this is the Green-Left local government and its major Halsema, who signed off on the eviction.

Update 1: Excellent review of he art show by Manuela Zammit, in English, in MetropolisM Magazine here.

House Peace Exhibition at Hotel Mokum, Marnixstraat 382, Amsterdam

(and see the INC contribution with the video on the Amsterdam Housing Travesty video by Tommaso Campagna)

Thursday Nov 11 2021 17:00—20:00
Friday Nov 12 2021 12:00—20:00
Saturday Nov 13 2021 14:00—18:00

House Peace is one of the central concepts of squatting in the Netherlands. It marks the point of transition between breaking into a place and living there—with all the legal protections that brings. Back before the squatting ban of 2010 you would prove to the police that you had established house peace by showing them that you were in possession of a table, a bed and a chair.

For Hotel Mokum’s first exhibition and one month anniversary we called out to all of our friends to help us legitimize ourselves by making tables, beds and chairs, in whatever shape or form for us. This weekend from Thursday to Saturday you can see the responses of more than 60 artists, as well as experience the upper floors of Hotel Mokum for the first time open to the public since we started. Hope to see you there!

HUISVREDE IS EEN FEIT 🪑⚡🪑 Our first exhibition House Peace / Huisvrede is open!!!! And man we love what you guys did with the place 🥳 Come by today until 8, tomorrow from 12 to 8 & Saturday from 2 to 8! Swipe for the performance schedule! And don’t forget to also join us for the noise demo tonight. And remember: demand an immediate end to the Dutch anti-squatting laws. Housing is not a crime–and neither is art).