[re-post] Meme Data Sprint – Call for Participation

We are re-posting here the call for participation for the Meme Data Sprint organized by the Crisis Memes project.

How are memes deployed in times of crisis and collective trauma? Which new affective and political imaginaries emerge from COVID-19 and climate change memes? And how can they invite reflection or incite action on these global issues? We invite you to explore these questions and more in a week-long data sprint at the University of Amsterdam, where you will use innovative digital methods techniques to repurpose social media data from Reddit, Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms and produce new insights into the role of memes in communicating complex ideas related to COVID-19 and climate change. During the sprint, there will be various lectures and tutorials on how to use digital methods tools to scrape, analyze, and visualize data from a variety of platforms. Based on this, we offer several unique subprojects for participants to work on in small groups.

More information here