Looking For an Intern From Ukraine for Tactical Media Room

Tactical Media Room is a temporary coordination group in Amsterdam supporting independent media in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia, made possible by various organizations working in the tech sector, arts and culture, education, and research. We are looking for an intern for a few days a week with immediate effect, starting for a period of three months. Tasks will be supporting our producer with coordinating the platform, the meetings, social media presence, and organizing planned public meetings. The intern will work for the Institute of Network Cultures and Professor of Practice Marleen Stikker (from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences), as well as work closely with De Waag. We are specifically looking for people from Ukraine with a background in media, tech, and/or the arts in the early stages of their career that are living in the Amsterdam area. The internship fee is 400 euro’s a month. Please direct applications accompanied by a CV to: maria@networkcultures.org.