After Techno-Utopianism-Phil Agre workshop in Siegen (D), Sept 1/2, 2022


We can finally announce the schedule for the forthcoming workshop, ‘Agre After Techno-Utopianism’, to be held at the University of Siegen, Germany/hybrid, 1-2 September. We will hold two paper sessions on ‘Agre as a Philosopher’ and ‘Capture and Capitalism’, with contributions from a range of scholars. In addition, we have a number of ‘conversations’ with scholars who will consider various aspects of Agre’s thought, from Lucy Suchman and David Chapman, to Geert Lovink, Marina Gržinić and David Murakami Wood. The workshop will also dedicate time to reading some of Agre’s lesser-known works, on the nature of ‘human tech’, privacy, and facial recognition. For the most current program, please follow the link or Twitter.

Registration: There is no charge for registration. To register, for in-person or online participation and to receive the workshop reader, please email Anna Büdenbender at

September 1, 2022


Welcoming Remarks by Tatjana Seitz and Sam Hind

Introduction by Geert Lovink


Workshop I: Agre as Philosopher

with contributions by Daniela van Geenen, Jethro Masís, Neal Thomas, and Adam Hyland, Julie Vera and Brett Halperin


Workshop II: Capture and Capturism

with contributions by Tobias Stadler, Andreas Beinsteiner, Marc Tuters and David Gauthier


Early Agre

in conversation with Lucy Suchman and David Chapman, moderation by Tatjana Seitz and Sebastian Randerath

September 2, 2022


Workshop III: Reading Agre. Joint Discussion

P. Agre (1995) From High Tech to Human Tech

P. Agre (1995) The Soul Gained and Lost 

P. Agre (1999) The Architecture of Identity: Embedding Privacy in Market Institutions

P. Agre (2003) Your Face is Not a Bar Code


Mailing Lists and Netzkritik

in conversation with Geert Lovink and Pit Schultz with a special contribution on the RRE mailing list by Marc Tuters & David Gauthier, moderation: Elena Pilipets


Surveillance Cultures and Post Tech-Utopian Digital Cultures

in conversation with David Murakami Wood, moderation: Armin Beverungen


Rethinking Techno Futures

with Marina Gržinić, Liliana Conlisk-Gallegos, Ricardo Dominguez, Jaromil; moderation: Marina Gržinić

Organizers: Tatjana Seitz with Sam Hind (both at the Siegen University) and Sebastian Randeraht (University of Bonn). This event is part of project A01 and A03 of the SFB 1187: Media of Cooperation.

Agre Workshop Reader

Agre Workshp schedule