Open Call! H&D Summer Camp 2023 – HopePunk: Reknitting Collective Infrastructures

This summer Hackers & Designers are going to inhabit a remote location in the south of the Netherlands and are looking for 20-30 co-inhabitants for our temporary H&D village!

Together we will embark on the adventure of learning, making and living together. With this format we aim for a holistic and intersectional way of thinking about and practicing sustainability (socially, ecologically, economically, culturally) and reknit arbitrary boundaries between work, play, leisure, maintenance and care.

H&D is now open for proposals for a variety of activities that contribute to an overall exhilarating communal experience! More specifically we are looking for hands-on workshops that explore alternative (sustainable, non-extractivist, equitable) technical and social imaginaries. Next to workshop proposals additional activities are welcome such as lectures, film and dance nights, communal dinners, fire place readings, foraging, publishing activities, gymnastics, LARP….

The open call welcomes folks (hackers/designers/makers/artists/developers/activists/inventors/…) of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to propose activities. The BYOW (bring your own workshop) format is an attempt to decentralize curation and organization of the workshop program.

More info here, deadline for application is 3 April.