Young People and Information – A Manifesto

(Editor Alex Grech, Malta)

Young People and Information Manifesto

The State of Play with Online Information – The Issues We Want to Address

The manifesto is a primer for much-needed input and discussions among young people, individuals and institutions whom young people perceive as being able to address issues relating to online information – and implement improvements. Policymakers should read it, regulators and people working for technology firms, think tanks, technology companies and education institutions. The manifesto also calls for young people to take responsibility for the information they consume, create, and share online.

From the voices of the few can come change for many and for the generations to come.


01 We are human. We are not data.
02 We have a socio-technical existence, and it is not for sale or exploitation.
03 We recognise that there is no such thing as free media. The price of an internet connection is not the only price we are paying to speak freely. The price of harvesting personal data for the benefit of third parties is rarely quantifiable.
04 We have the right to express ourselves freely but responsibly, and access information online without fear of censorship, surveillance, or harassment. We believe in the safeguarding of media freedoms, with a right to freedom of expression and to access information that is as free from bias as possible.
05 We believe journalism should be practised without fear or prejudice, irrespective of whether the journalist is employed by a mainstream media outlet, working as an independent investigative citizen journalist, or as a blogger. It is still possible for people on TikTok to do independent journalism.
06 We need to support citizen journalism and the role it plays in holding those in power accountable.

(if you want to read more, go to the pdf, downloadable here)