The Hmm Hotline is here!

The Hmm Hotline is here! Get all your burning questions on AI answered @ PickUp Club in Amsterdam, December 6, 8 PM CET!

What data is being used to train ChatGPT? Is AI really coming for your job? And how does DALL·E know how to paint? As waves of developments in artificial intelligence keep washing over us it can be hard to keep up. That’s why the The Hmm Hotline is here to answer all your questions, speculations, and anxieties regarding AI. Don’t wait to call our hotline and leave us an anonymous voice message. A panel of experts—including EGAIR advisor against predatory generative AI technologies Eva Toorenent and tenured professor of Positive AI at TU Delft Derek Lomas—will answer your burning questions. You can join in person at the PickUp Club at our new, physical homebase: NDSM Amsterdam, or listen online via our livestream website. Get your tickets now!

Stuff you should know

Date: Wednesday 6 December, 2023
Location: PickUp Club, NDSM plein 79, 1033 WC Amsterdam, and online
Doors open: 7:30PM CET
Program starts: 8PM CET
Tickets: on-site €8,- / on-site student discount €5,- / online livestream €5

This event is kindly supported by the Creative Industry Fund and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.

Workshop: Meet Your Stochastic Sloth

A number of newspapers are currently negotiating with Open AI companies to license the use of their articles. Their news stories have been used for years to train services like ChatGPT, as AI tools need a lot of input ‘to learn’ how to formulate language. A lot of these AI tools are based on Large Language Models (LLMs) that some researchers have labelled “Stochastic Parrots”, with the algorithm using randomisation to merely remix existing human-authored sentences.

What if we challenge the Stochastic Parrot with its fictional nemesis, the ‘Stochastic Sloth’? This practice-based workshop proposes a more intriguing way to approach the rapidly changing technology of LLMs. Together with artist and researcher Martijn van Boven, we will dive into the use of artificial language as an artistic toolset. You will work in a small group on a hands-on technique or methodology closely related to AI as an artistic tool.

Join us to broaden your own practice with experimental approaches to co-creating with AI. We encourage participants to join from a wide-range of artistic backgrounds, who are already incorporating or thinking about using these tools in their practice.

Last time this workshop sold out super fast! Don’t be a sloth and get your ticket now!

Stuff you should know

Date: Wednesday 6 December 2023
Time: 2PM – 6PM CET
Location: The Hmm Studio, NDSM plein 125, 1033 WB Amsterdam
Tickets: €30,- / student or artist discount: €20,-