PublishingLab Website Restored and Made Available Again

INC is proud to announce the conservation of the website of the PublishingLab (past URL:, which is now available again here:


The PublishingLab ran for over three years (2014-2017), in parallel but connected to the Institute of Network Cultures and had its own website and domain name. After the project closed, faculty management decided to keep the seperate website but after a while was forgotten and taken down. The archive is now integrated into the INC WordPress structure.

The lab was headed by Margreet Riphagen and Silvio Lorusso and had an infamous gang of collaborators, such as AndrΓ© Castro and Gottfried Haider, and highly skilled interns. Back in 2014, the PublishingLab was set up inside the new faculty of digital media and creative industries FDMCI of the HvA polytech (the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) as one among various ‘labs’ such as the media lab, the fashion lab aka knitting machine and a VR lab. The labs were given the tasks to overcome the gap between industry, research and education. The PublishingLab worked with a range of industry partners and cultural organizations, such as Foto Colectania in Barcelona CineKid in Amsterdam. In terms of publishing research inside INC, the PublishingLab acted as a bridge between the Hybrid Publishing Toolkit (which came out in 2015) and the next two-year RAAK (applied research) project called Urgent Publishing (2018-2020). Not all the projects could be salvaged but the main blog is now online again, thanks to the efforts of Lissy den Hamel and Tommaso Campagna.

Here you find some nice pictures of the 2016 PublishingLab’s leaflet:

There’s also a presentation of PL from 2017 with further text: PublishingLab