All Wrongs Reversed™ Workshop with Aymeric Mansoux/OT301 Amsterdam

All Wrongs Reversed™
Workshop on copyleft with Aymeric Mansoux
15.02.2024, 11:00–17:00
Ventilator Bar (OT301, Amsterdam)
Free / on donation (~10€)

Who owns the things we publish, who gets to copy, change and republish them? And who profits from that—didn’t information want to be free? What is free culture? And what does any of this mean in the context of the internet? As a young publishing platform we figured we should really know more about copyright and its alternatives—which is why we are hosting a workshop, for ourselves, and also for you!

On February 15th, Uitgeverij Spookstad invites Aymeric Mansoux to tell us more about copyright, copyleft, copyfarleft, copycentre, copyfree and anti-copyright in the context of cultural production, the free culture movement and the return of politics in the digital commons. We will speak about the calculated compromises (material and ideological) inherent to licensing and copyright, develop practical insights for ways to (mis)use such documents, and reflect on why it remains so difficult to escape the trap of property. In the second half of the day we will express our newly found insights in a collective licensing-manifesto-writing-session, which we will bundle up in a small zine.

Sign up via—No prior experience required. Just bring yourself, a portable computer and see you on the 15th!


Aymeric Mansoux (he/him) didn’t quite write the book on the topic (yet) but at least spent quite some time ruminating on the subject during his PhD. Apart from that he is lector at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. He has been messing around with computers and networks for far too long and is active in LURK, a collective server infrastructure, and the Permacomputing wiki, a discussion platform for alternatives to extractive mainstream computation. You can look at more of his work over here.

Spookstad is an experimental publishing platform focused on the discussion and facilitation of radical political action, meaning that we release our own things and those of other people, in a in a variety of formats, into the world and that we support direct action related to publishing in the widest sense of the word. Spookstad has its roots in the Amsterdam squatting movement. In 2023 we released our first major publication Pak Mokum Terug.