Just Out: Cycles, the Sacred and the Doomed by Morgane Billuart

The Institute of Network Cultures is proud to present the first book by former INC intern Morgane Billuart. It is based on her INC Longforms about the wider context of menstruation apps.

Published by Set Margins’ in Eindhoven (NL):

Morgane Billuart

Cycles, the Sacred and the Doomed

Inquiries in Female Health Technologies

In a world propelled by swift technological progress and perpetual obsolescence, women frequently find themselves adapting and altering their daily experiences to remain functional. In the 21st century, as technology purports to comprehensively assess and address women’s conditions and physical discomfort, Cycles, the Sacred and the Doomed delves deeply into the realm of female health technologies, revealing a space where science, holistic methods, and mythology converge. This book challenges the idea of combining ancient wisdom with modern innovation and takes readers on a multidisciplinary journey to explore the intricacies of female health.

More here, including information how to order the book: https://www.setmargins.press/books/cycles-the-sacred-and-the-doomed/

Cycles, the Sacred and the Doomed was financially supported by the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA).

Table of contents

I On Optimisation, PMDD and its Metaphors
II The Internet is the Recipe: Sexual and Psychological Education in Digital Spheres
III Elevated and Upgraded: The Paradigms of Female Health and Body Optimisation
IV Gathering the Wounded Traces: 60 From Self-Study to Data Collections
V FemTech: Discourse, Surveillance, and Privacy
VI Predictive Healing: On the Use of Algorithms in FemTech Apps
VII The Glitch Ideology and the Potentiality of Contingency with Carmen Hines

  • 136 Pages
  • ISBN 978-90-833501-8-9
  • 22€