How Will We Survive? Introducing The Deserter


A month ago The DESERTER began

Il DISERTORE started a month ago and recently exceeded one thousand subscribers.

IL DISERTORE was born out of my intellectual desperation, but I would like it to become a point of reference for those who are fleeing away, reminding that when you escape you look for new weapons and above all for new techniques for survival.

I know that this blog is (and will always remain) a tiny object, in the sea of media noise, a little boat tossed by the events of a century that is emerging as a century of termination.

The question we asked ourselves in the last century (how can we emancipate  from exploitation and sadness?), now gives way to a different and more anguished question: how will we survive?

How will we survive in an era in which war dominates political and economic choices, as well as the horizon of individual existences?

How will we survive when genocide sweeps away the fragile defenses of human rights and the rule of law?

How will we survive when slavery becomes the predominant form of social relations?

How will we survive when millions of women and men have to abandon their homes because climate change makes them uninhabitable, and at the border the wolfess and armed coast guard await them?

How will we reinvent joy when sexuality disappears from human behavior, erased by the ubiquity of the screen and by the effect that microplastics have caused on hormonal balance?

How we will live is the question I will continue to ask, even though I know it is not so much about myself – as at the moment my question is how to become nothing. 

I find my personal answer in the words that Auden wrote in Goodbye to Mezzogiorno:

“Though one cannot always
Remember exactly why one has been happy,
There is no forgetting that one was.”