Join MyCy’s Growing Utopian Imagination Workshops in Leiden

MyCy is an emerging on|offline social network tackling our (toxic✌️) relationship with social media. While Big Tech divides us into money-making data points, they want to create spaces for real connections, knowledge exchanges and creative flourishing! They are hosting a workshop series, please find all the information below. 

In workshops and skillshares we will learn from each other and express ourselves artistically by making (digital) creations. The different event themes will be what we circle around. 

Leaving the notion of “experts” behind, everyone is invited to share their unique perspectives, knowledge and skills to co-create these sessions. No previous experience is needed, only curiosity for connecting and utopian imagination!

🍄 Connections and varied topics

MyCy is inspired by mycelium, the mushroom underground network that helps trees exchange nutrients and information. We believe everything and everyone is connected in an intricate web of life and ideas. 

Time to unearth, celebrate and nourish those connections! 

We will start each event by taking stock of the things we care or know about the topic in question. Then we zoom in on what resonates with us. All the while the connecting threats between the participants will be built up.

📡 Digital creations

Most of us are on social media daily, looking at what other people created – often filming themselves alone at home or in the car. We want to flip the script and do it collectively! Writing texts, taking or posing for pictures, making videos, putting together graphics. 

The digital world is rich in creative endeavours: do it for the hell of it or for carrying our voices and therefore our passions outside the room. 

An online platform will be the home and illustration of this. Imagine a big interactive mind map of thematically grouped content bubbles waiting to be explored! Currently, MyCy is in its infancy and this platform a dream on the horizon. This means, with your permission, we would like to use the end products to develop our online platform. Opting in or out will be possible at various times.

🎨 Utopian Imagination

In our current times, a glimmer on the horizon can be a powerful tool. After all, us humans can achieve amazing things when we set our minds to it – for personal development and in our communities. But what to set our minds on? What do we want, what do we need? And how do these things intimidately connect us to each other? 

Through the lens of utopian imagination we aim to unearth hope, strength and joy. Room for healthy discourse and arguments are planned too! 

We have three exciting co-creation workshops coming up:

1️⃣ Mycelium: Exploring Along the Wood Wide Web (21.06 | 12:00-16:30)

2️⃣ Education and Learning: The Utopian Sky is the Limit (28.06 | 10:00-13:00)

3️⃣ Keep the Ball Rolling: A Playful Look at our Favourite Sports (28.06 | 15:30-18:30)

🌿 The Workshop Concept

1.  What are Utopias? Shared discussion 

2.  Unearthing Utopian Imagination through various excercises 

3.  Collective creation time to make your ideas a little bit more real 

4.  Loving Presentations

5.  Reflection 

📌 Event Details

* Location: PLNT Leiden (Langegracht 70)

* Language: English

* Cost: free/ pay what you want

* Event organiser & facilitator: Hi, I am Nina, nurturing MyCy and organising meme workshops are my two pastimes (that are not chronically online). I am looking forward to creating utopian spaces with you!  

Sign-up & more information: (sometimes cryptpad takes a bit longer to get started because it handles your data with a lot of care)

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