AI_ANXIETY: How to do research on AI without doing research on AI | Workshop in Amsterdam

On Tuesday October 1, 2024 from 10:00 to 16:00, the AHK Culture Club (Amsterdam) in collaboration with the Artificial Worlds Research Group will host AI_ANXIETY, a workshop inviting early career scholars in the humanities and artists to reflect on the institutional politics of AI research. The workshop will be facilitated by researchers Dmitry Muravyov, Aarón Moreno Inglés, and Jordi Viader Guerrero and is meant to create a space to share personal experiences and thoughts on the increasing attention and financing that AI is receiving, both, as a research subject and method.

AI is (allegedly) everywhere, and everyone is researching AI. A large stream of funding within the humanities, arts, and social sciences in contemporary academia and beyond is now going towards projects that use and/or think about AI in different contexts. But how do we as young researchers and practitioners relate to that? As we are continuously nudged to think about «ethical, social, and legal aspects» or consider «risks and opportunities», we see a need to balance such nudging with a form of community-centered reflection that scrutinizes ‘us’  as a research collective. In short, what are we actually doing, who are we benefiting and what are our incentives when we do research on AI?

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